A composition for music and text created by Gary Fieldman (www.garyfieldman.com)

Music performed by the 'Know Trio'
Ima Jonsdottir - Violin
Dan Shaud - French Horn
Gary Fieldman - Percussion

Narrated by Gary Fieldman

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'Ratty's Loving Surprise' is about a rat who lives behind Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, and who gets a chance, one evening when the soloist is ill, to perform with the great Orchestra.  Although he becomes very famouse and well respected, he eventually grows disenchanted with his new environment and leaves to begin a journey in search of the source of life and art.  He studies Bee-Bop, Free Jazz, and improvised classical music and becomes controversial when the zeitgeist leads him into philosophy, psychology, physics and political commentary.

'Ratty's Loving Surprise' is the story of a soul's individuation in a world of uncertainty, conflict and opposing forces. No one can give Ratty the definitive answers.  He can only rely on his deepest intuition as he moves on, towards 'The Light'.